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     Pipetman M 2016
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The electronic pipette with guaranteed performance in both standard and repetitive pipetting. 8 single channels (from 0.5 μL to 10 mL) and 12 multichannels (from 0.5 μL to 1200 μL). Complete pipette operations with only 2 buttons. The tip ejector on Pipetman M won’t slip down over time and is easy to dismantle for cleaning.

Deliver on-target performance

Pipetman M has been designed to offer guaranteed accuracy and precision in both standard and repetitive pipetting modes, as reliable sample preparation is central to producing meaningful science. Benefit from Pipetman M new, advanced features to help propel your science forward!
  • The pipette guaranteed to perform with outstanding accuracy and precision in repetitive pipetting. Repetitive tasks such as pipetting can be draining for end users performing them hours at a time. Pipetman M makes these tasks less stressful while enabling high rates of precision - over and over again, with user-to-user consistency.
  • A comprehensive line of superior pipettes
  • Choose from our wide array of pipettes designed to put your needs first. We offer 20 different pipettes covering volumes from 0.5 μL to 10 mL including multichannel pipettes up to 1200 μL for exact volume selection–all engineered to optimize your pipetting performance.
  • Customizable and secure - With our advanced Pipetman M Software, you can confidently transfer your unique protocols with improved security–easily lock the pipette to prevent unwanted modification.

Pipette with less effort and more comfort

At Gilson, we place great value on producing products that not only enhance the science you do, but also make it easier and more comfortable to do so.

Ease-of-use is right on the button
PIPETMAN M is a unique pipette with only two buttons to enable the pipette and reach all menu options. Scroll effortlessly between the five pipetting modes:
  • Pipet (standard mode)
  • Reverse
  • Repetitive
  • Mix
  • Custom (personalized mode)

Advanced ergonomics for hours of comfort
PIPETMAN M is an electronic pipette requiring virtually zero pipetting forces to aspirate and dispense samples. Lightweight, but built with strong materials, the optimized weight of Pipetman M gives you a perfectly balanced pipette.

Work confidently, backed by Gilson expertise and technical support.
Leading research institutions around the world have associated Gilson Pipetman with reliability, robustness, and reproducibility for over 40 years. With worldwide service and technical support, Gilson will ensure your research keeps moving forward. Calibration can be performed by the accredited laboratory under ISO 17025 requirements, following ISO 8655 standards.

Empower your system with Pipetman M accessories
To support the work you do in the lab, we’ve provided accessories that help facilitate your entire pipetting procedure–including making sure you are always ready with our charging adapters solutions.

Pipetman M Power Carrousel
Store and charge up to 5 Pipetman M devices at one time with this convenient rotating stand, occupying the minimum amount of bench space.

Pipetman Carrousel Stand + Power adapter
Conveniently charge single and multichannel pipettes on our standard carrousel stand with the charging stand adapter.

Rely on Gilson Pipetman Diamond tips
Gilson Pipetman Diamond Tips deliver the quality and reliability you need. A variety of packaging options, tip types, and volume ranges are available.


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